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We redefine digital innovation in healthcare

KVA is an award-winning, full-service healthcare communications agency. We offer solutions for your healthcare professionals and patients that blend creative ‘outside-the-box’ thinking with scientific knowledge and digital excellence, helping you lead the way in healthcare.

Restoring the balance, the KVA way

When people enjoy coming to work, they work all the harder for it. We’re a new era agency run by inspirational leaders fluent in the latest technologies, who in turn are surrounded by a talented and fiercely driven team. We look after our team and our employee retention rate is second to none. A happy team results in happy clients!

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Working with some fantastic global and UK pharmaceutical and non-healthcare brands, we’re proud that delivering solutions for different industries gives us a fresh perspective.

Our multi-sector approach means we’re not introspective when it comes to your business. Yet, we have the experience and sector expertise in-house to provide relevant solutions and value-added insight from a cross section of industry case studies.

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If you’d like to discover more about KVA, or you have a new project in mind, send us an email. The world is ours to explore together!

E: info@kvadigital.co.uk


We’re always on the look-out for like-minded, ambitious, highly skilled individuals to join our team! KVA is all about the team, and together we make the magic happen. Get in touch if you’d like to join us on our journey.

E: careers@kvadigital.co.uk


KVA works across the digital spectrum to provide those magical experiences designed to enhance your customer journey needs, creating real emotional engagement with a wow factor.

From Immersive 360 video to AR, VR and mixed reality – we’re creative enough to apply the relevant technology to add commercial value and have the technical expertise and capability necessary to deliver fully tested, functional and quality experiences.


KVA prides itself on working with clients who see innovation as a key success factor in their sector leadership. Creating world-firsts means a competitive advantage for your brand, pushing the boundaries to deliver what your customers don’t know they need yet, not to mention invaluable positive PR.

We have an in-house R&D lab and an internal culture to test and learn, with our developers putting time aside in their busy schedules to research and innovate.

Future thinkers, innovators and leaders of the world… get in touch – we love to work with like-minded people.

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Learning and
Consumer health


A brand is the promise of an experience. Make it a positive one.

Infusing big ideas with a strategic approach and excellent creative and technical delivery, we bring concepts to life on an emotional level, enabling your brand to resonate with customers in a behaviour influencing way. Using data insights to drive design decisions and steer our creative, we take opinions and subjectivity out of the equation. Your customers experience something beyond their expectations and in turn, increase brand loyalty.

We have an extremely talented award-winning creative team, pushing boundaries, thinking outside the box and approaching your challenges in a forward thinking, customer led way.

KVA; for the Bold and the Brave.

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Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel is no longer about putting your customer in the centre. It’s putting your customer up front in the driving seat. To read relevant content personalised to them, at the right time, in the right place.

A tailored and personalised approach to customer comms shouldn’t be optional. In a world where interaction is even more challenging than it used to be, creating content that addresses the needs of individuals is the only way to guarantee engagement. The time has come to move away from multi-channel and harness the power of omnichannel.

We will support you with the right tools to know your customers and use these insights to power your campaigns.

KVA has been creating omnichannel programmes long before it was the word of the moment; let us help you navigate the exciting potential of omnichannel brand and medical communications.

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Learning and development

Whether it’s training for your sales and medical teams, or training for HCPs, the need for a tailored learning experience is a no-brainer. Best-practice training solutions is where our digital expertise comes into its own; analysing the educational needs of your audience, providing information to address those needs, and presenting it in a format that encourages engagement and suits their individual learning styles.

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Consumer health

In a post-COVID world, coupled with a spotlight on sustainability, consumer purchasing habits have changed. Customers need more than a ‘want’ to make a purchase, they need a reason to buy into your brand.

Enter KVA… with the experience and know-how to craft the messaging behind campaigns, to give your customers a brand experience they buy into and a reason to choose your product in a sea of competitors.

Whether you are launching a new brand, or looking to increase sales of an existing one, we have proven expertise to increase your market share and give your brand the clout it needs to stand out.

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Medical education

Bringing data to life is a KVA specialty. We understand that ‘just’ communicating the data isn’t enough; we know that creating scientific communications in an engaging format is the best way to encourage customer interaction. Our digital expertise ensures that we are ahead of the curve with how to communicate your scientific narrative in a way that is truly remembered by your customers.

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Patient communications

Developing a deep understanding of what your patients need is the starting point for all our patient engagement solutions. We think differently about how to address the challenges patients face and provide innovative digital solutions to help support them on their journey.

We never stand still; we test and learn to analyse what’s resonating, then adapt accordingly. Meaning your patients get the best support solutions in the industry, tailored to their needs.

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