A conversation with my avatar self
1st July 2022
Creative Director, KVA

A conversation with my avatar self

I’m a strong believer in listening to yourself. So recently I had a conversation with my own avatar to find out what's happening with the metaverse and Web3. It was quite enlightening. See what you think…

Analog Steve: Hey Steve, how’s it going?

Avatar Steve: Pretty good, what about you? 

Analog Steve: Not bad.

(Awkward silence)

Analog Steve: Well, this is very meta.

Avatar Steve: Isn’t it just.

Analog Steve: Speaking of meta, have you bumped into Zuckerberg yet?

Avatar Steve: No…not yet, I just don’t know the right avatars.

(Awkward silence)

Analog Steve: So, what have you discovered while exploring the digital ether?

Avatar Steve: Well, it seems like consumers are excited about brands entering the metaverse.

Analog Steve: So what do we need to do to keep them excited?

Avatar Steve: Brands need to have a clear and defined strategy when it comes to the metaverse. The metaverse is going to create new immersive ways to engage with the customer and for the customer to engage with the brand, therefore early testing and learning will put them ahead of the competition. 

Analog Steve: So invest now and you’ll see the rewards much sooner?

Avatar Steve: Exactly. The exact path the metaverse is taking is still forming, so finding the right collaborators, creators and partnerships, the ones who are helping shape what the metaverse will become will pay dividends later.

Analog Steve: So what about healthcare? How’s the metaverse going to affect that?

Avatar Steve: Things are going to be unrecognisable in the not too distant future. Let’s start with patient access - virtual clinics and hospitals will become the norm, meaning quicker and easier consultations. Therapy will be an area that really benefits - VR is already used by psychologists & psychiatrists in aversion therapy - but the opportunity to create environments that are personalised to individual patients and makes them feel safe and relaxed, is going to make a big difference to patient outcomes. 

Analog Steve: Sounds like a game changer.

Avatar Steve:  It will be. It’s going to be big for healthcare professionals too. VR for training and education will become standard  - clinicians will be able to have memorable immersive experiences and interact with new drug modes of actions, practice new procedures and techniques and have peer to peer conversations to share experiences with clinicians all over the world. All without leaving their homes.

Analog Steve: Is this the end of congresses and in-person events then? 

Avatar Steve: No, not all. There’s still huge benefits from in-person learning opportunities. But it’ll mean that attending a virtual event won’t just mean sitting on Zoom trying not to nod off. People will be in a fully immersive event space; able to interact with posters, sessions and network with colleagues just as they would if they were really in the room. 

Analog Steve: Ah….so the metaverse isn’t just going to be about gaming then?

Avatar Steve: No at all. Gaming is just a small part of the metaverse now and going forward. Shopping, learning, attending live events, healthcare, even customer support are all going to play a big part in the metaverse. As Jasmine Summerset-Karcie, Meta director of brand marketing stated ‘Social experiences have become one of the fastest growing virtual reality experiences…Shared immersive experiences can break down the limits what we can do together'

Analog Steve: A bit like what we are doing now?

Avatar Steve: Exactly!

Analog Steve: Although maybe we should be having these social experiences with other people and not talking to ourself…..???

Avatar Steve: ….that might be more healthy….

Analog Steve: Right

Avatar Steve: Right

(Awkward silence)

Analog Steve: I have to go now, I’ve got real world stuff to do, what about you??

Avatar Steve: Well, things move fast in the metaverse and Web3, I’m sure there is a live concert or a new brand event that blends pop culture, fashion and gaming I can crash. 

Analog Steve: Have fun, keep me up to date.

Avatar Steve: Will do. 

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